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Towards Future Farming: Mainstreaming Robotics and Automation in Agrifood

With a budget of 7.9 million euros funded by the European Union, the Robs4Crops project aims to accelerate the transition to robotics and automation in European agriculture. Led by the University and Research of Wageningen (WUR), the mission of Robs4Crops is to show that robotics brings precision and feasibility to daily and repetitive activities, therefore reducing the unpleasantness of certain tasks. The project started on January 1st, 2021 for a duration of 4 years.


Integrating innovative technological solutions, such as artificial intelligence, smart robots and sensors with well established agricultural practices


Leading European technology developers are working together towards building the agricultural robotic solutions of tomorrow!


Farmers and food producers are providing valuable input and communicating their needs in the process of robotics development for agriculture.

Our Team

Robs4Crops consortium is a diverse and dynamic network of partners, representing key players in pure robotic science and engineering, agricultural robotics industry, agricultural and social sciences, real-world farming, and sustainability-driven innovation practices and collaborative business models.

Meet Our Advisory Board

Robs4Crops is privileged to have the support and expertise of our Advisory Board – made up of internationally recognized experts in the areas of robotics, farming, and industrial manufacturing. The Advisory Board’s role is to advise on the project’s progress and suggesting possible corrective measures and bring external views and insights into the project, as they play a big role in reaching market acceptance of the Robs4Crops solution. It comprises three members, all of whom bring their long and distinguished career and global networks to the Robs4Crops and our portfolio.

Dr Slawomir Sander

Dr Slawomir Sander is the CEO of Artificial Deutschland GmbH, where he is working on redefining lab automation. Earlier he worked at KUKA AG on mobile platforms and Deepfield Robotics where he worked on the agricultural field robot BoniRob. He is also the Chair of the EU-Robotics topic group on Agricultural Robotics.

Professor Simon Blackmore (retired)

Professor Simon Blackmore (retired) was Head of Engineering at Harper Adams University, director of the National Centre for Precision Farming and managed the European FutureFarm project. He held seven Chairs around the world and led UK research on agricultural robotics. He is developing a robotic 10m horticultural gantry and writing a book on Robotic Agriculture.

Viorel Dumitru Marin

Viorel Dumitru Marin is the president of the Romanian Agrifood Digital Innovation Hub ANAMOB and the Vice-president of the Agrifood National Federation of Romania, serving as the coordinator of the agrifood digitalisation transformation. He is also the Co-Leader of the SmartAgrihubs South-East Europe Regional Cluster.

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A Note from the Coordinator

“Agriculture is very sensitive to the cost and scarcity of labour. And making cultivation practices more efficient and sustainable is critical. Robs4Crops is a game-changer in revitalising the European food and farm industry and the vital catalyst in accelerating the adoption of high-tech robotics and automated technologies in agriculture.”
Dr Frits van Evert
Senior Scientist at Wageningen University & Research
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